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Hey, I'm John.

Eagle Scout and Student at the University of Georgia pursuing dual Bachelors’ in Computer Science and Advertising, on track to graduate with my Bachelors’ in 2025. Pursuing minor in General Business, alongside dual certificates in New Media Studies and Entrepreneurship.

Just as the late Ron Brown stated that life is not a spectator sport and you have to get involved, my motto has become “Identify the need and go make a difference.” As evident in my extensive leadership, school, and community work, you can be guaranteed that I will continue making all of these positive contributions throughout my college years and beyond, positively impacting my community.

“I'm no longer accepting the things I cannot change... I'm changing the things I cannot accept.”

Angela Davis

I would love to chat if you want to know more about me. I am always ready to start something new, work hard, and make an impact! If you agree, I think we would be a great fit!