Revving up for the Cannes Lions Festival

The 2022 Cannes Lions Festival has came and went, and many creatives and companies are asking themselves right now “What can we do to show up and show out for next year’s festival?” Well, I would pose the question “Is it even necessary to attend?” The Cannes Lions Festival was founded in 1954 to showcase and promote various forms of media, and since then there has been a myriad of branching and creating of new forms of media. Some might say that it could have been hard for Cannes to keep up with the times, but according to this AdWeek article, attending the Cannes Lions festival is still a momentus event. Partaking in the festival can be used to serve as a benchmark for how good your work is based on what awards it wins. In addition “the work that performs best at shows like Cannes often falls into the “never been done before” category. Novel ideas create headlines and can make you famous, at least for a little while.” In summary, Cannes is not dead, and I hope to see you next year in France.