Gen Z vs. TV Addiction, who wins??

Look, as a Gen Z individual, I can swear to you that I don’t have a tv addition* (As long as you don’t ask about my social media habits hehe). But it is true that since the commercialization of television sets in the late 1930’s, kids and young adult’s tv watching habits have changed drastically. […]


MOTHER is an Ad agency that was founded in London in 1996 around a kitchen table while eating lunch. They wanted to break free from the shackles of traditional agencies and are 100% independent. We saw this in full force in their new New York office where we got to meet every intern and C-suite […]


One of the optional agency visits that we had was with NBC Universal. While the majority of our agency visits consisted of meeting alumni at an office for a tour and Q&A, our alumni who worked for NBC did something different. He currently works as a producer for NBC’s Today Show, and with a few […]


WIEDMEN + KENNEDY While Wiedman + Kennedy (W+K) was the second to last agency we got to visit, it was one the most enjoyable experiences I had. W+K classifies as an independent company, and that shows in their company culture and work. I could tell from talking with UGA Alumni Stacia Andrews that W+K inspires her […]

Google NYC

Of all the agencies we went to, Google was the last one but definitely not the least. I was bummed out when I found out that Google and Twitter canceled their original meetings with us due to complications. SOOO you can imagine my surprise when I found out that we would be making a last-minute […]

My experience at: Klick Health

While Klick Health was the fifth agency that we went to, it was still a very rememberable experience. With their presentation from diverse people about diverse topics, it sold me on the idea that Klick really is built different. One of their projects that stood out to me is The Curious Eye which is the world’s […]

My experience at: Droga5

My first interaction with Droga5 was during my Sophomore year, where my organization Ad Club hosted a networking meeting with alumni Ryan Miller, a Group Data Strategy Director at Droga5.  At this time, I had no idea what it meant to be a Strategy Director or what else was available career-wise to me when I want to enter […]

Revving up for the Cannes Lions Festival

The 2022 Cannes Lions Festival has came and went, and many creatives and companies are asking themselves right now “What can we do to show up and show out for next year’s festival?” Well, I would pose the question “Is it even necessary to attend?” The Cannes Lions Festival was founded in 1954 to showcase […]

Netflix’s ‘Stranger Things’ hasn’t seen stranger things happen

‘Stranger Things’ originally aired in the summer of 2016 on Netflix. As a Sophomore in high school, I still remember how much influence it had on the pop culture around me to the point that some of my friends changed their ringtone to the opening theme song. Now, in the summer of 2022 Netflix’s ‘Stranger […]

First and Last Trip to NYC???

In the summer of 2022, I partnered with my school’s college of Journalism to take a trip to New York City, New York as a part of a class and internship program. Here is a little more information about the program, along with an excerpt below. “In addition to Study Abroad opportunities, Grady College offers incredible […]