Chef Boyardee Creative Brief


The assignment required a collaborative effort to create a comprehensive campaign for Chef Boyardee that focuses on the brand’s ability to save consumers time, allowing them to do the things they love. The campaign has two static components that highlight different scenarios where consumers can enjoy more time with their loved ones by eating Chef Boyardee. The first static ad shows a group of friends playing cards after eating Chef Boyardee, while the second one shows a family watching a movie before their children’s bedtime. Both ads are intended to resonate with busy millennials who want to balance their work and social lives while still enjoying time with their families, friends, and loved ones.

Throughout the project, I was responsible for conducting extensive research to ensure that our timeline, goals/mission, keywords, and competition analysis were accurate and comprehensive. To do this, I utilized a variety of sources, including industry reports, scholarly articles, and online databases. I carefully vetted each source to ensure its credibility and relevance to our project.

In terms of strategy, I approached the project with a focus on collaboration and communication. I worked closely with my team members to ensure that we were all on the same page regarding our objectives and goals. I also made sure to actively listen to their input and feedback, incorporating their ideas into our final product whenever possible.

To ensure that our final product was polished and professional, I paid close attention to details such as formatting and consistency throughout the various sections. I also made sure that all deliverables were completed on time and that our presentation was engaging and effective in communicating our findings.

Overall, my approach to this project was centered on a commitment to thorough research, effective communication, and attention to detail. Through collaboration and a dedication to producing a high-quality final product, we were able to successfully achieve our goals and deliver a professional and comprehensive report.