My experience at: Droga5

My first interaction with Droga5 was during my Sophomore year, where my organization Ad Club hosted a networking meeting with alumni Ryan Miller, a Group Data Strategy Director at Droga5

At this time, I had no idea what it meant to be a Strategy Director or what else was available career-wise to me when I want to enter the industry. Through this initial meeting, I was able to learn about Droga5’s Data Strategy Department specifically and “What it takes” in order to enter the industry successfully. This was a wonderful precursor to my visit to the main office of Droga5 in NYC, because I had already had previous, first-hand experience on what it is that Droga5 does.

"Our goal is to create purposeful work that works for your audience and your business."

Droga5, part of Accenture Song

Going into our meeting with Droga5, I still had first-timer’s jitters. I kept asking myself a bunch of questions like “How will the Alumni like use for our first tour?” and “Will there be hundreds of employees staring at me?” In actuality, It was neither intimidating nor high-pressure. Since the start of the pandemic started, most professionals work from home, and Droga5 is no different. Our tour was relaxed and informal, and allowed us the comfortability to interact with the Alumni and tour their office. My favorite part of the visit would be experiencing a relaxed, modern work environment for the first time. With their open tap in the kitchen and the abundance of comfortable furniture, I can see why anyone would like to work at Droga5.