My experience at: Klick Health

While Klick Health was the fifth agency that we went to, it was still a very rememberable experience. With their presentation from diverse people about diverse topics, it sold me on the idea that Klick really is built different. One of their projects that stood out to me is The Curious Eye which is the world’s first color blind interactive storybook. By partnering with the Children’s Eye Foundation of AAPOS, Klick created this to help parents and professionals screen children for color vision deficiencies (CVD). It is this type of inspiring work that makes a difference in the lives of a plethora of people. This work is important because when kids go undiagnosed with CVD, they could go their whole life without knowing and attribute it to them being weird/different than other kids. In the distant future when I start a family, I now know that I have this as a resource and will have one less worry. I can’t wait to see what work Klick Health produces in the future!