First and Last Trip to NYC???

In the summer of 2022, I partnered with my school’s college of Journalism to take a trip to New York City, New York as a part of a class and internship program. Here is a little more information about the program, along with an excerpt below.

"In addition to Study Abroad opportunities, Grady College offers incredible experiences for students within the US.  The ADPR NYC Maymester program provides students an opportunity to learn what working life is like in the advertising, public relations, and creative communications industries. For one week during this program, students travel to New York City to visit some of the world’s top creative communications agencies to gain a real-time feel for the agency landscape and daily work environment."

Grady College of Journalism & Mass Communication

On our trip was exactly as exactly what this excerpt describes. Not only did we visit some of the most prominent players in the Advertising / PR industry, but we were also able to make meaningful connections with industry professionals and UGA Alumni alike. While some people stated the atmosphere wans’t their style, I loved my time NYC and it definitely WILL NOT be my last trip!

"I loved my experience in New York. So much I want to be there even now, I can't wait to call it my forever home. See you soon NYC!"​

Author: John Atkinson

Some of my highlight moments of the trip include:

  • Getting lost on the MTA and ending up in a street festival
  • Being able to see myself in the industry through the representation of PoC professionals that stated they loved their job
  • Pictures, Pictures, Pictures!!! I was a Social Media Manager for UGA on the trip and was able to document the 10+ agencies and plethora of attractions we visited
I appreciate the opportunities that I took charge of which allowed me to have this wonderful experience, and can’t wait to give back MORE when I am in the industry in New York and will be touring future students around.