New Media Certificate

A introduction to my experience in the NMC
John Atkinson

My Certificate Courses

Why take the NMC?

“What is the New Media Certificate?” That was the first thing I said when I heard about this certificate. As I learned more about it and eventually added it to my degree path, my horizons on what I was capable of doing exponentially expanded. Through their classes that focus on teaching industry skills and professionalism, I am now able to advocate for myself as a desirable candidate in job interviews, as well as contribute positively to my future work environments. This is possible through learning skills such as web design and development through the complex projects I completed, as well as learning from current industry professionals on what skills I should learn early in order to advance myself quicker in my career.

John Atkinson

Dynamic Photographer
Graphic & Web Design Experience

Hey! I’m John Atkinson and I’m happy you’re here! I’m a photographer with a graphic design and video editing background based in Athens, GA.

I love finding the creativity and story behind every photo. My favorite things to do outside of work are skate, play with my dog, and eat mangos!