Emerging Media Masters

A introduction to my experience in the EM Program
John Atkinson

My Master's Courses

Why take the EM Masters?

“What is the Emerging Media Masters?” That was the first thing I said when I heard about this Masters Program. As I learned more about it and eventually added it to my degree path, my horizons on what I was capable of doing exponentially expanded. 

Through their classes that focus on teaching industry skills and professionalism, I am now able to advocate for myself as a desirable candidate in job interviews, as well as contribute positively to my future work environments. 

Skills learnt include: Graphic design, front-end web development, app development, user experience design, brand identity, product ideation, project management, digital storytelling, etc…

John Atkinson

Dynamic Photographer
Graphic & Web Design Experience

Hey! I’m John Atkinson and I’m happy you’re here! I’m a photographer with a graphic design and video editing background based in¬†Athens, GA.

I love finding the creativity and story behind every photo. My favorite things to do outside of work are skate, play with my dog, and eat mangos!