NMIX 6010 | Web Development

NMIX 6010 | Web Development

Skills: HTML, CSS, Domain Hosting, Bootstrap, PHP, WordPress, JavaScript

Date: Spring 2022

Website: Atkinson Foundation: New Media Web Development Projects

Web Development provides a solid foundation of technical skills that students can build upon for the rest of their careers. Students learn how to design, develop, and code interactive web products that function effectively across multiple platforms and are introduced to front-end web development.

Web Development is a very broad term that could be intimidating for others to learn who are interested in it. Well… I was interested, and this course taught me a number of invaluable skills while letting me develop key projects that would strengthen my foundation in Web Development.

Featured Projects

Project 1: Built first website using newly learnt skills of HTML and CSS, writing in it Visual Studio Code, and hosting it on first domain through the FTP client Cyberduck.

Project 2: Created a Three Paneled Tryptic using HTML, CSS, Visual Studio Code, and -a newly acquired skill – Bootstrap.

Project 3: Using the open-source content management system WordPress, explored  possibilities of website content through creating dual websites. One focused on News & Content sharing, and the other site focused on Commerce &  online shopping. Built using WordPress and Custom CSS.

Final Project: Through an advance and in-depth approach, created a WordPress site portfolio for a private contracting Videographer/Photographer/Editor based in Los Angeles, California.