Artist: Little Simz

Album Review: Sometimes I Might Be Introvert

Image of Little Simz most recent album cover, Sometimes I Might Be Introvert

Sometimes I Might Be Introvert which was released September 3, 2021, is the fourth stuido album produced by the Brittish Rapper Little Simz.

I first discovered this album while working near the end of the summer of 2021. I was working 8~10 hour days and I was looking for something new to attach to. Music is one of my many hobbies, and it provides a significant amount of joy in my life. The first song I ran accros was "Woman", featuring Cleo Sol, and once I heard that song I immediately decided to listen to all of her discography!

My favorite songs from this album are: Introvert, Woman (feat. Cleo Sol), and Little Q, Pt. 1 (Interlude).